Wireless Gadgets

To be truly sneaky, you won’t want to be trailing wires and looking for batteries and plug sockets. Here’s a look at some of the wireless gadgetry available.

With the recent news that MI5 is looking for a new “Q” to invent the next generation of spy gadgets, we take a look at the wireless gadgets available in the general market and what they can do for you. With the right kit, perhaps you could even apply for that James Bond dream job . . .

Wireless Gadgets – Cameras

There are several different varieties of wireless camera and many of them consist of a small camera device that transmits a colour picture back to the base unit. These units often have audio as well as video and can be used in a variety of security situations including monitoring callers at your front door and keeping an eye on your car overnight.

Wireless Gadgets – Spy Cameras

There is a gadget on the market that allows you to take still pictures and videos from a normal-looking pen. The pen writes as well, which is an added bonus!

Wireless Gadgets – Mobile Sensor and Tracker Devices

We’re all familiar with seeing these devices at the movies – the tracker fitted under the car or inside the briefcase that sends out a signal to let the followers know where to go next. You could own one of these – a small device that would fit into your bag or your wallet and sends a signal to the receiver, which is also small enough to carry with you. Should the transmitter moved further than 6 metres away from you, your receiver will sound an alarm, thereby giving you a failsafe way of knowing if your valuables are safe.

Wireless Gadgets – Mobile Sensor Pen

For those dark evenings when you don’t want to be interrupted by your mobile ringing, try a Mobile Sensor Pen. Set at phone frequencies, it flashes when your phone rings, so you can leave your phone on silent and still know you’ve had a call. It is also set to identify signals from wireless cameras, so you’ll know if you’re being watched!