International Klein Blue is a Lie   


it’s almost awful        waiting for your new life to begin
and there is nothing in the fog                       but you ask if it is sea smoke
you ask if the kelp is sending it up in terror
yes there is terror here                      terror particulates in the whiteness
and what else is hiding but rags and rags of flowers
we can’t see them      there are lavender
gentian                       hyacinth         forget-me-nots

don’t think this sweet just for these       this is real you can touch it
blue is a chemical lie                      and god is the liar
if he were a chemist or at all      blue would not be uniform
blue would be mineral                  would be a rumble of crystals
rubbing against each other in the hopeless fog

and fog is only distinguished from mist by density




Stock Epileptic Trees

dreams in the movies are always fake
I dream in orange and that doesn’t show up
in your folk tales I should tell you
that Little Red Riding Hood’s cape
could not have been true red
peasant girl in a power suit
Mexico’s blood gold insects
were still in their own sun
madder red is no substitute:
pale and glutinous
not fit for even the archetypes
you pray to in the dark
when all you want is weakness
singing howl howl
and I know you see the light
in the other spectrum



Caroline Crew edits ILK journal. Her poems have appeared in Bat City Review, PANK, Cream City Review, and Salt Hill Journal, among others. She wrote the chapbooks ‘small colours like wild tongues’ (dancing girl press, 2013), ‘The Polychrome Clinic’ (Midwest Writing Center, forthcoming 2014) and, with Chris Emslie, ‘Your Stupid Fortune Gives Me Stupid Hope’ (Furniture Press Books, forthcoming 2014). Currently, she lives between Old England and New England.


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