Consent to buckle, consent to rhyme.
Concretion stares the terminus
of unrepentent waverers, miniature
boskage tangled, vine and tenthrils.
Skyvine, grapevine, bacchic and grand,
the soil as sandy as the shingle.
              off the dial and aft
              the charts full moon
              lŏwering an angry lover
              heavenly judgment v.
              inept earthly remuneration
Raise or raze the roofbeam, stilt
those homes beyond my parents’ reach.
Tongue-and-groove ceiling and walls,
tongue thrust – on the bed – into
emptiness, emptiness clutched. My restless
heart, careening imagination, straining after
vees of Canada geese. What rood to read.

Mark Scroggins’s most recent books of poetry are Red Arcadia (Shearsman 2012) and Torture Garden: Naked City Pastorelles (The Cutural Society 2011); Shoemaker & Hoard published The Poem of a Life: A Biography of Louis Zukofsky in 2007.


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