Cover Artist: Ima VanHood


Farm born, city raised. Ima has always enjoyed out-of-the-ordinary color and contrast. Currently based north of New York City, she takes discarded materials and turns them into layer after layer of colorful magic. She operates under the name ‘beehives and bouffants’ and can be found on several websites: Facebook, Deviantart, Instagram, Etsy and Ebay. There, she collaborates with other collage artists, sells ATCs and framed collage, and does custom made to order pieces. Using recycled materials, and unorthodox artistic methods, she manages to produce one-of-a-kind explosions of all shapes and sizes. The love of creating with her hands has always been important, especially with the technological rise. Says Ima, “I want to make something beautiful, without the aid of computers, show people that it can still be done.”


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