the copse in mye guarden /
                              inspeckting hews / & i am
                              depositing myeself
                              lik a fum / am trap
inn ther blak      & blu /        invagynation meens
                              everie hole is an extremitie / u
                              rite long enuff inn 2 its sirface
                              / it rites inn 2 u /             hah /
thees treees         / cannot be insied me /
not with all thees copse arond / pleese /
                                                  i am afrayde
                                                  i am riting myeself
                              metonymic off deth /     agane
i am so afrayde /             off wut is it ur holding
                              inn ur souwre hande /
                              this sirface has a colore


                         the guarden
/ wee became the markett
                          2 its hart /          this is the holde
                         the commewn held /
            its trik off lite / the insieds
            off a hulle teemd with bes /
            inn wistern treees / mye grls salve /
   ther lites /                the shayde disclosd /
                                      & it’s a trik /
                                      evrie hart / this wee
                                      the commewn hart /
                          consumd whos crowes

Jos Charles is a trans poet and writer. They are author of Safe Space, forthcoming from Ahsahta Press. They are founding-editor of THEM: a trans literary journal. They have writing published (and/or publications forthcoming) with Denver Quarterly, Action Yes, Washington Square Review, Capilano Review, The Feminist Wire, BitchMedia, Entropy, GLAAD, LAMBDA Literary, and elsewhere.