I appear as being spawned from a vacuum

being a flood outside the universe

outside its known forces as the concretized confine of light

I exist
as ‘uncertainty’ over ‘mass’
as ‘circuitry by means of enigma’ partaking of life in dimensions
such as the ‘Calabi-Yau*’
or ‘orbifold’ existence

I am freed to speak to speak of a Horned Sungem
of a Purple-throated Woodstar
of a family of Sunangels
freed from odours of toxic neural gravity

pieces of jasper
or caves connected by impalpable index flowers
or heat enacted by subgods or dramas

my present flight is not of inferior grottos nor sealed in its threading by inverse tornado
but my wings as aerial soma seemingly transfixed with diamonds
burning as cornucopias of climates

a ‘cup of eagles’
a door through the mountains on Venus scribbling its dialectics by thunder

the previously stated known as the wonder of Pachacta Unanchac*
known for combining solstice distillation known by this distillation as blind indelible migration
so that my trial by darkness creates interior vindication
so that soils are misplaced
& saurians misbegotten
such is the failure of storms
as poisoned replica of the Earth
this being Mayan dread extracted from the Troano Codex*

there would be days when the Sun would flash with obstructive obscurity
when the tides would dwell as venomous tornados
when each cephalic suture would be subject to foreboding
concerning in-floatation of the world around the Sun
the human species prone to anti-condensation
with its technique of grasp: void
its pantology through inspection: negated
time becomes known as a calendar of wolves
as corrupted flux
by which all manner of energy is devoured

a parched dormition
a composite ferocity by heliotropic wattage

& the claustrophobic ideal one single spectra
between plane & plane
within an oblate spheroid
always subject to colloquial impressions to colloquial powers of ambush

& I mean by ambush
a governing neurosis
a feverish nomalogy
which replicates post-bodily ash as a hellish nytalopia*

being dilemma co-equal with bonfires with skiopic perturbation
with the judgement of God whose one power dwells in bottomless Gehennas

being trace at the centre of this central imbroglio
& as regards human scale
I possess incredulous agnosia

so I subsist by means of seeming dictation
devoid of gainful proof
my flight deflecting composite definition…”


The voice in this poem is of the Andean Hillstar, the second largest hummingbird on Earth.

Calabi-Yau –Higher dimensional mathematics

Pachata Unanchac –Inca device for determing solstices.

Troano Codex –Story attributed to the Troano Codex, where war is portrayed between the brothers Coh and Aac, in which the former is killed by the latter leaving the “sister-wife” in “sad contemplation” of Coh. Her name is Queen Moo. Part of the Mayan annals. Named after Senor Tro y Ortolano. Found in Madrid in 1865.

nytalopia –night blindness


Will Alexander is a poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, aphorist, visual artist, and pianist. He is a Whiting Fellow, a California Arts Council Fellow, and both a PEN Oakland and American Book Award recipient. He is author of over 20 books.



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