Winter magic heaves itself into the
Back of my eyes like cheap champagne
The cat limps in but she is the only one
Her fur grays w/ each life there is left
Remember the salt you slice over
Tofu & turmeric it will be recorded as
The breakfast of divine beings who
Used to roam the mountains of this
Little stone frozen to its own memory
Do not pray to the gods they now say
Pray to the martyrs chained to desert
Rocks sweeping the air w/ language
After you die jellyfish will devour what
Is left of your sweet sweet carbon


I pulled my teeth out & they grew
Into tropical islands filled with birds
And words like river basin & when we
Held ourselves to press each other
Into a score of music I admit it I’m
A sucker for a good cause & tote bag
A sucker for attractive affluent men
In smoking jackets & light tan slacks
Descending staircases eating fruit
A month ago I had a moment w/ a
Shark who had to watch them toss
Her fins into piles of fins & blood
Feed my warm body to those who
Swim an eternal chase of blood & teeth


RJ Ingram received an MFA in creative writing from Saint Mary’s college with concentrations in poetry and creative nonfiction. He is a poetry and social media editor for Omnidawn Publishing. Recent or forthcoming work can be found in Gabby, Alice Blue Review, and Sugar Mule. RJ lives in Oakland with his partner. Their cat Brenda lost a leg in a shark attack. @RJEquality