Dads climbing stairs to your apartment
Angry accented street beyond

gapes like mouth
Stupid and painful chrysalis

Yes this is the labor of woman
dying and reborn at the grocery store

Mistrust the goat’s milk
The dripping low medicine of herbs

and the watchful metal eye
Thunk I Uh — Thunk I I Thunk I Oh —

In the 30s, Mao was already asking
When will we bind the dragon with

the grey cord? R asks if the wind scares
me too sometimes Nature becomes

interpolated by capital and pushes
itself against the windows

Oh, I I — Oh, Uh. I I Oh — Yes I Want Uh
Uh — Oh — Raise Your Consciousness

by touching objects of various shapes!
Pencil, cat, human hand, a starved thing

Yes that’s the role of a dad
Determine, crush, unfold

Unfold that cretin and build me
a bike with which to revolution on

Unfolding dads
ripped up sheets

tiny misspellings
The overflowing toilets of Chicago

Falling in love over and over
Capital wants you to think

death is close and untouchable
I want you to touch me or

just think about it, like a pretty surgeon
Bury food under your house

The Co-Op is the mouth and
Whole Foods is the anus

That’s called re-appropriating
the state monopoly on violence!

Food desert studded with vomity air planes
What I want Uh — What I Uh — Take off

my I I Uh — What I take off — Oh Uh
Sexy knees baby fold those joints

across my nose and mouth Huh?
Close your eyes listen to all

the bells sad fricked wind chimes
Little cuts in the sky

“I want everyone to stay the same
hold my hand / tell me you won’t

change / stay just
like this” Little knife

butter dish in domestic poem and other
social factors determine your body

This, one of the least
neglected fields of revolutionary struggle


Liam Swanson is an MFA student at the University of Arizona. He has poems forthcoming in Cartridge Lit. Follow him on twitter @liamsswanson