[        ] Is To [        ]

Sitting ass-up on the wire

             the moth
– done slamming wildly like the childless end of a piñata stick –
             finds its way into the glow
             comfortable as a model
             whose large nose is the muffled discussion at parties
                          in her honor.

I gave up drinking for a week today –
             Here is a             ,             do your worst

remember that feeling you got every time you saw your ex’s car for the next year-and-a-half?

The moth hasn’t moved yet
Ok, I lied
                 but he’s still on the wire
                          suddenly sexualized
                 leaning into the wind of shine
                 like an experienced fly-over state

-I picture the moth holding a cowboy hat
                                                                                                then realize dust would be rain for a moth.



Kyle J. Bassett is a native Texan. He currently works as a poetry editor for Hayden’s Ferry Review while earning his MFA at Arizona State University. He lives in Phoenix with his wife, Laura, and their cat, Thesis. He enjoys music, scotch, and bacon – in that order.



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