pixel plucked Peach     //     gagged&tied
in a castle.     //     rescue fetish:

girls tied to railroad    //     tracks        girls
stuck in towers tall as     //     their hair

girls locked     blocked    knocked    //    out
//          (princess of mushrooms Olive of Oyl

the one King Kong grabbed     //     & Lois O Lois Dear
Lane).     //     meanwhile, deep in the grunge-set

green screen of Brooklyn     //     M gets this note:

“     IRONY

           IRONY IRONY

I     RON      Y
           RICE         A

       RON    I

& thus it begins, tho I was never quiet—



Mario brings his bro
on the road. Or his

lizard-car. Or his rec-
reational friend the

mushroom hat. One girl
is in a tower and one

girl is in another
tower and she drives

go-carts but she does
n’t ride shells punch bricks

collect any macho shit.
Some talented Italian might

be in the wings but the
standard cast of char-

acters just puts on tails
suits and frog legs and

other drag fineries and they
go on as if they are new

and also as if they are



she said & i had no objection
put on the suit as she watched
me like that night i stumbled 1-up
drunk to her castle apt. &
told her i couldn’t live any life
w/out her she said okay when
should we tell the kingdom?
tomorrow i said & left next
morning she called: too much
cough syrup can’t remember any
thing wish you all the best
i shivered & shrunk & fell off
screen one more down & so
many worlds left to fight thru
it was all just like that & so hot
worms were frying alive on the
cobbled pathways their bodies
weird black S’s dried up & askew
but i put on the suit i flapped my
tail i took off i could see her i could
see all the way down to the ground



Alyse Knorr is the author of Copper Mother (Switchback Books, 2015), Annotated Glass (Furniture Press Books) and the chapbook Alternates (dancing girl press). Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Alice Blue Review, Birdfeast Magazine, Caketrain, and Drunken Boat, among others. She lives and writes in Anchorage, Alaska.

M. Mack writes in or around Washington, D.C. Mack’s work can be found in APARTMENT Poetry Quarterly, Gargoyle, Cactus Heart, and elsewhere.

Alyse Knorr and M. Mack received their MFAs from George Mason University. They are two founding editors of Gazing Grain Press.



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