A Brief History of Decorum

To call up from
underground the ghost
bent to the tin
songs of your home—
What to ask, you mean?

Can they have you?
They can indeed—

Beheld aloft in light

to cull the sound
of our shoddy singing.

A Brief History of Astronomy

To fathom & sound
the lost depths—

an ocean giving out
its birds, the bedlam

present in the range
of those victors, scant

those visitants

yellow in the transom

I shut my eyes—so
I watched you as a

lurker for a while—
so I undertook

the elegy of a far star
to call down the moon

to give it a name
to give it back to you.

A Brief History of Currency

Perhaps the noise is
unable to yarn the facts

facets not to grovel
or propound

as the earth gums
our money into

what looks to be
a moon in the window watching.

A Brief History of 3am

Lurk late
strike long

lost to

as if jettisoned
to defenestrate

the tide from its
scope, stone

from its banal

what earth won’t let
us back down now

what sullied
coast won’t

punish the

of the wedding of
the blades

of grass rolling out
rolling up.

Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s future books are The Courier’s Archive & Hymnal and Meadow Slasher. He edits The Volta and lives in Tucson, AZ


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