my love is a pine forest & yr love is a pack of silent wolves weaving through the trees

my love is honeydew melon & yr love is picking the honeydew melon out of your fruit salad

my love is radio static & yr love is the tuner

my love is a goat standing on the sheer face of a cliff & yr love is a rockslide

my love is riding off into the sunset & yr love is the director saying ‘cut’

my love doesn’t take reservations & yr love is showing up at peak dining hours with a party of eight and being really pushy about it

my love is a beanie baby collection & yr love is selling them on ebay for much less than hoped for

my love is a complicated coffee order & yr love is a frustrated barista

my love is a bridge under construction & yr love is a patient civil engineer putting three kids through college

my love is a burning village & yr love is a rampaging minotaur fleeing back to its lair

my love is a bucket of scorpions & yr love is a prank gone wrong

my love is a piece of cheese & yr love is a mousetrap

my love is a railroad tunnel & yr love is the echo of a voice growing thin in the dark

my love is a lion tamer & yr love is a career-ending lion attack

my love is a halfpipe & yr love is finally nailing a 360 indy nosebone

my love is the 1914 assassination of the archduke franz ferdinand & yr love is artillery blooming bright across the belgian frontier

my love is hotel shampoo & yr love is stealing hotel shampoo

my love is cigarette smoke & yr love is coughing

my love is going hunting for the first time & yr love is an elk standing very very still in a moss-lined clearing

my love is the monarchy & yr love is the guillotine

my love is like what’s up? & yr love is like not much you?

my love is a firing squad & yr love is treason

my love is a howling gibbon & yr love is a much quieter gibbon

my love is tic & yr love is both tac and toe

my love is the pale meandering of the inner ear & yr love is sighing into my neck

my love is a battered envelope & yr love is a deadly secret

my love is rihanna & yr love is also rihanna

my love is eating a mirror & yr love is the reflection in the lining of my stomach

my love is shotgunning beers & yr love is an actual shotgun

my love is a fable & yr love is the moral

my love is a fading tattoo of an egret & yr love is the sun

my love is an osteologist & yr love is the shattered skulls of foxes in the dry bed of the creek


Zachary Evans is a poetry MFA candidate at Colorado State University. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Sundog Lit, Potluck Magazine, Split Lip, Fourteen Hills, and elsewhere.