Wheeler-dealer Swayfox always wound up
swaying in the sly of the thicket.
His chain mail tale flowing—
               —a crepe gown smudgling
His dagger-smile cutting fruit from under
blushed, bag-waist trees. His loud lids luscious,
his thick stripes of liner. His devil-may-care.
Crystal-and-pearl pick-me-ups
               What a sight!
Saw jig, saw handle off accessory wand.
He carries only a magic bauble star
boomerangs it back and forth, carried away
across swampland. His masculine pumps
supporting flared jeans, his backwoods chic,
his biker jacket showpiece glows up
every kid-junker whittled down by




Swayfox chainsaw far into a pavement feud
rose with the blithest of pawing to free any depraved
babes from the police hymnal making ol’ horror
dares to be known for swaying opinion
in the sadly fact of bloodshed situations
where the creamvein crusts over
               after a many veinsmack
Swayfox smacks like a wild stone throne into
smoldering populace—smoldering frowzy suits
over-the-knee boots where extravaganza sways
               sways, sways, sways, sways
Swayfox, a make-up maestro made up rougey
sometimes wearing the mask of a thousand of bees
               thousands of stingers
conducting a swarm of in-fright fashion basics
bow-bloused flight into the hive of hives

Paul Cunningham (b. 1989) is the author of a chapbook of poems called GOAL/TENDER MEAT/TENDER (horse less press, 2015) and he is the translator of two chapbooks by Swedish author, playwright, and videoartist Sara Tuss Efrik: Automanias: Selected Poems (winner of the 2015 Goodmorning Menagerie Chapbook-in-Translation Contest) and The Night’s Belly (Toad Press, Fall 2016). He is a contributing editor to Fanzine and his writing can be found in Dostoyevsky Wannabe’s Cassette 68, Fireflies, Bat City Review, LIT, Tarpaulin Sky, Spork, and others. His poem-films have been screened in the MAKE Magazine Lit & Luz Festival, Seattle’s INCA: The Institute for New Connotative Action, the Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City, and He holds a M.F.A. from the University of Notre Dame.